‘Chic-nic’ Table

The “Chic-nic Table” –   from June to September –  is decidedly a special table, an opportunity to spend a few hours in complete tranquility, immersed in nature, but within arm’s reach of all the conveniences. A table just for you, far from everyone, for an authentic supper or lunch that is natural and easy going. No waiter at your table and the park at your disposal; no stress and a “Style-nic” chest filled with exquisite items prepared with the same care and passion that has long distinguished Verdegaio Restaurant. The “Style-nic Table” is a brushstroke of color, simplicity, taste and moderation. A single “Style-nic Table” in the entire park . . . . just for you!!!

-          The appetizers are all homemade and prepared with the same care and passion that characterize the Verdegaio Restaurant. Will not be offered hot appetizers.

-          If you want you can customize your Chic- nic Table (flowers, dedication, cadeau…)

-          Guests: maximum 8

-          Three-day prior booking is required

To learn more, contact us at 0438-450457 or email info@ristoranteverdegaio.it